Thursday, March 26, 2015

Harry Potter - Neville Rant

I've seen a bunch of posts in the last few weeks (actually two posts, but it feels like more, because they really annoy me) wondering what Neville would've been like if he had been the chosen one, as if that were a possibility. Posts theorizing that Harry and Neville would have switched places, Neville would have the scar, Harry's parents would be in St. Mungos. 

Here are my thoughts:
I do think that Neville's parents would've died protecting him, that's not even a question to me. However, I don't think that dying protecting Harry is all of why he had that scar. James died protecting him just as Lily did, and yet no one ever talks about his father's sacrifice. That could just be because our society is horribly sexist, and thinks that the mother's sacrifice matters more, or it could just be chronological, but I don't think it was either. Neither James nor Lily had their wands when Voldemort entered their house, as such, James's death was a foregone conclusion. He knew it the second Voldemort walked through the door. Nobody claims that he sacrificed his life for Harry's because he didn't have a choice. He was going to die either way. Lily on the other hand, could have chosen to live. Snape asked Voldemort to spare her and, had she gotten out of his way, he would have. Snape would have made no such request for Alice or Frank, so while they would have died before their son, they wouldn't have been able to make the choice to die for their son. 

I don't know why this annoys me so much, but it does. </rant>

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