Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Heartless by Marissa Meyer

I read the Lunar Chronicles last year and really enjoyed them. I like retellings in general, and Marissa Meyers's retellings are really well done. I've been excited about Heartless since it was first announced, but hesitant to actually start it because I knew it couldn't possibly have a happy ending. (I mean, what happy story ends with the words "off with her head".) Once I finally started it, I enjoyed it right away. Reading it gave me intense sugar cravings (I still want a chocolate croissant every time I think about it) and left me sad, but satisfied. The characters were well-written and interesting, and I loved the idea of "dreams" in this version of the world. My one disappointment with this novel is that it's meant to be a standalone, which means we aren't guaranteed any more of Meyer's version of Wonderland.

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